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Cowboy Jim Garling

The OLD WEST is not a certain place in a certain's a state of mind!
It's whatever you want it to be. ---Tom Mix

Jim Garling & Susanne Woolley


Jim Garling from Guthrie, Oklahoma, and Susanne Woolley from Ada, Oklahoma, met while playing music at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. The two performers blend their rich musical styles to create an entertaining show full of insights into the hearts and souls of the American pioneers. The two play tunes of Bob Wills, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Gene Autry as well as other well-known and many not so well-known but endearing song writers. Susanne adds a bit of old-time fiddling while Jim often contributes story telling, histories and interesting anecdotes about the songs they sing.

    Listen closely, as the melodies weave intriguing tales about the old west and the cowboys whose spirit and ideas tamed the country that we live in today. This is Western swing and all-American cowboy music at it's best!