Cowboy & Western Music Entertainment

Cowboy Jim Garling

The OLD WEST is not a certain place in a certain's a state of mind!
It's whatever you want it to be. ---Tom Mix

2017 Schedule

  • 5th, Thursday, 11:00 am - Trinity Lutheran Seniors Luncheon, Norman, OK
  • 10th, Tuesday, 2:00 pm - Golden Age Nursing Home, Guthrie, OK
  • 12th, Thursday, pm - Gold Buckle Gala Event, International Professional Rodeo Association (IPRA), Private Party. Jim and Susanne Woolley
  • 21st, Saturday, 11:00 am-1:00 pm - Langston's Western Wear, Stockyards, Exchange Ave. & Agnew, Oklahoma City. Jim & Richard Sharp. PBR bull riders signing autographs.


  • 1st, Wednesday, 10:00 am - Rambling Oaks Assisted Living, Norman, OK.
  • 23rd, Thursday, 6:30 pm - Annual Meeting & Banquet, Garvin County Cattle Producer Association, Garvin County Fairgrounds, Pauls Valley, OK.

  • 2nd, Thursday - Project Laughter Program, sponsored by the OKC Metropolitan Library 
    10:30 am - Oklahoma Christian Apartments, Edmond, OK
    2:00 pm - Grace Living Center, Edmond, OK
  • 16th, Thursday, 1:00 pm - Red Hat Honeys, Pepperoni Grill, Edmond, OK. Private Party
  • 18th, Saturday, 11:30-1:30 - Beck's Farm Equipment, Guthrie, OK
  • 25th, Saturday, pm - Diamond W Ranch, Colt Starting & Horsemanship Clinics. Charley and Lisa Ward,  Information 405-823-8834
  • 7th, Friday, 5:45 pm - Alfalfa Electric Co-op Annual Meeting, Cherokee, OK. Sons of the Sage, Jim Garling, Richard Sharp, Greg Burgess
  • 9th, Sunday, 4:00 pm - Branded Cowboy Church, Lucien, OK. Trail Ride starts at 1:00; cowboy music starts at 4:00. For information call Don Knott, 405-747-4812.
  • 14th & 15th, Friday & Saturday - Living History Days & Chuck Wagon FestivalChisholm Trail Museum, Kingfisher, OK.
  •  18th, Tuesday - Knife and Fork Club, Lawton, OK. Private Party. Jim, Richard Sharp,  Greg Burgess
  • 20th & 21st, Thursday & Friday, 9:00 am-2:00 pm - 14th Annual Choctaw Frontier  Days, Choctaw Creek Park, located on Harper Street between NE 10th St and NE 23rd           St. in Choctaw, OK.   Choctaw Frontier Days Info
  • 30th, Sunday, 12:00 pm - Chili Cook Off, Lakeside United Methodist Church, 2925 NW 66th St, Oklahoma City, .
  •  27th, Saturday, pm - Boy Scouts Campfire Singing - National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City. Private party.
  • 27th & 28th, Saturday & Sunday, 10-4:00 pm - Chuck Wagon Gathering, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City.  Chuck Wagon Gathering Info
  • 3rd, Saturday, 12:00-2:00 pm - Langston's Western Wear, Oklahoma City Stockyards Area, Agnew & Exchange Avenue. Richard Sharp & Jim.
  • 9th & 10th, Friday & Saturday -  Pawnee Bill Wild West Show, 1141 Pawnee Bill Rd., Pawnee, OK. There is a day of activities, visit at the museum, and a meal can be  purchased leading up to the evening Wild West Show. Check out advance pricing.
  • 14th, Wednesday, 10:00 am - Rambling Oaks Assisted Living Center, Norman, OK. Jim and Susanne Woolley
  • 15th, Thursday, 1:00 pm - Spiro Library, Spiro, OK
  • 16th, Friday, 6-8:00 pm - Lucille's Restaurant, Mulhall, OK
  • 17th, Saturday, 7:30 pm, - G-FEST, OK Pops Stage, Hatbox Field, Muskogee, OK. Jim and Susanne Wooley.  G Fest Link 
  • 5th, Wednesday, 10:30 am - Blanchard Public Library, Blanchard, OK. Public invited.
  • 13th, Thursday, 6:00 pm - Cowboy/Western Swing Show, Lucy's RV Park, La Veta, Colorado. Open to the public.
  • 21st, Friday, 11:00 am - Birthday Party, Baptist Village, Oklahoma City. Private party.
  • 21st, Friday, pm - Wedding, Private Party
  • 27th, Thursday, 5:00 pm - Indian Electric Cooperative, Cleveland, OK.
  • 4th, Friday, 6-8:00 pm - Lucille's Restaurant, Mulhall, OK.
  • 5th, Saturday, 12:00-2:00 pm - Tax-Free Day, Langston's Western Wear, Stockyards, Oklahoma City, Agnew & Exchange Avenue. Richard Sharp, Jim Garling
  • 6th, Sunday, 7:00 pm - Church Service at the Pawnee Lakeside Event Center, Pawnee Rodeo Grounds, 2 miles north of Pawnee, Oklahoma, on Highway 18. Public welcome.
  • 8th, Tuesday, 5:30 pm - Southeastern Electric Co-op Annual Meeting, Durant, OKJim and SusannWoolley
  • 9th, Wednesday, 10:30 am - Seniors Show, First Baptist Church, McLoud, OK.
  • 12th, Saturday, 9:30 am - Northfork Electric Co-op Annual Meeting, Sayre, OK. Sons of the Sage - Greg Burgess, Richard Sharp, Jim
  • 25th, Friday, 8-10 pm - Hinton District Fair, Jim and Susanne Woolley
  • 26th, Saturday, 7:30 pm - Rodeo Opry; Exchange & Agnew Streets, Oklahoma City. Jim hosting & entertaining.

  • 1st-3rd, Friday-Sunday - Jana Jae Fiddle Camp, Grove, OK. For additional information see:  Jana Jae's Fiddle Camp
  • 8th, Friday, 6-8:00 pm - Gospel Show, Pottawatomie County  Fairgrounds, Shawnee, OK. Open to the public.
  • 14th-24th - Frontier Experience at The Great State Fair of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City. I will do a 30-minute show Noon & 2:30 pm and will be part of the Wild West Showcase at 1:00 pm & 7:00 pm.    Link to State Fair
  • 28th, Thursday, 9:30 am - Rambling Oaks Assisted Living Center, Norman, OK, with Susanne Woolley
  • 29th, 6-8:00 pm - Lucille's Restaurant, Mulhall, OK
  • 5th, Thursday, 11:00 am - OIBF (Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival), Guthrie, OK. Link to Festival Info
  • 7th, Saturday, 10 am -1:30 pm - Heritage Days, Atkinson Heritage Center, Midwest City, OK.
  • 12th, Thursday, 12:00 pm - Noon Tunes, Downtown Library, Oklahoma City, OK.
  • 13th, Friday, 12:00 pm - Lions Club, Guthrie, OK.
  • 14th, Saturday, 6:00 pm - Rodeo, BBQ and Concert, Cowboys United Buckle Series Family Rodeo Finals, Chandler, OK. Celebrating the completion of their new church building.
  • 3rd, Friday, 6-8:00 pm  - Lucille's Restaurant, Mulhall, OK
  • 4th, Saturday, 7:30 pm - Rodeo Opry; Exchange & Agnew Streets, Oklahoma City. Jim hosting & entertaining.
  • 12th, Sunday, 11:00 am - Branded Cowboy Church, Lucien, OK
  • 17th, Friday, 6-8 pm - Campfires, Cattle & Cowboys Gathering, Chisholm Trail Museum, Duncan, OK. The tentative schedule is for me & Susanne Woolley to be on stage at 8:00-8:20 pm.
  • 24th, Saturday, 1-3:00 pm - Black Friday, Langston's Western Wear, Stockyards, Agnew & Exchange Avenue, Oklahoma City. Richard Sharp & Jim Garling
  • 2nd, Saturday, 12:00-2:00 pm - Christmas Parade, Langston's Western Wear, OKC Stockyards Exchange & Agnew Streets.
  • 4th, Monday, 7:00 pm - Watonga Cowboy Church, Watonga, OK (4 miles south of Watonga on Highway 281.)
  • 8th, Friday, 6-8 pm - Lucille's Restaurant, Mulhall, OK
  • 9th, Saturday, 1-4 pm - Christmas Open House, Fred Drummond Home, Hominy, OK. House decorated as in the turn of the century. Punch and Christmas cookies. Info from Oklahoma Historical Society   Susanne Woolley and Jim Garling
  • 16th, Saturday, 1-3:00 pm - Langston's Western Wear Christmas, Exchange & Agnew Streets., Oklahoma City Stockyards. Richard Sharp & Jim
  • 21st, Thursday, 2:00 pm - Christmas Party, Crescent Nursing Home, Crescent, OK.
  • 23rd, Saturday, 1-3:00 pm - Langston's Western Wear Christmas, Exchange & Agnew Streets., Oklahoma City Stockyards. Richard Sharp & Jim